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Training Services

Military Training and Exercise Support

While we do offer standardized training programs, we are best known for our turn-key, highly customized training solutions for the military that meets or exceeds their METL and specific training goals.  Realistic, relevant, recent TTP is integrated into all of our training and exercise support.  Our instructional cadre are all former US SOF with not only vast operational experience in Winter/Mountain Operations, but qualified and certified in DoDs Instructional Techniques that ensure the military student is receiving the finest in military instruction.  Call us to discuss your specific needs.

Individual and Small Group Training

HAMTC offers a complete line of recreational, technical and professional courses for all skill and experience levels in high altitude, snow, ice, rock, mountain/alpine environments.  For a complete listing of all training courses that we offer, please download our course catalog.   Please contact us for any questions, reservations or specific details.

Youth, Student, Organizational Training

HAMTC offers special training opportunities for schools, youth groups, universities, church groups and other like organizations.  Leadership, personal skills development and life experiences are stressed while cultivating team-work, self-sufficiency and an in-depth understanding of the natural environment.  For additional information, please contact the HAMTC office for details.

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