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Welcome to HAMTC!

The High Altitude Mountain Training Center (HAMTC) is a fully owned subsidiary of Tactical Solutions International, Inc., a global Private Military Company specializing in tactical training and security services in austere, high risk or war-torn countries.


TSI's Mountain Warfare Division was established in early 2003 to support the training requirements of US SOCOM and our warfighters who would be operating in high altitude, mountainous, snow & ice covered terrain.  The HAMTC was formally stoodup in early 2011 and has been continuing both the military training mission and the commercial training for local Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement and civilians in mountaineering skills.


HAMTC is dedicated to helping mountaineers, alpinists, backpackers, climbers, outdoor enthusiasts, military members and others, raise their technical and/or tactical skills, protect the environments in which they climb, develop good judgment, and safely gain access to not only the Wind River mountains of Wyoming, but also to the great mountains of the world.

The HAMTC is teamed with the American Alpine Institute (AAI) and we serve as both their military training arm as well as serving as the AAI Wyoming element.  We are also teamed with the White Pine Ski resort in Pinedale, Wyoming and utilize their facilities, lodging, messing and training areas as required. 

HAMTC is locally known for its advanced training, guided expeditions into the Wind River wilderness and our public service in the area of environmental protection, public lands policy and support to the local Search and Rescue organizations.  In military circles we are very well known for providing custom, realistic and mission oriented training and exercise support in the winter warfare and mountaineering realm. 

HAMTC Training Staff

The HAMTC staff has an unique blend of backgrounds ranging from military trainer to mountain guide and all have professional training in the mountain environment. Every member of HAMTC call Wyoming home and have spent years climbing and skiing the Wind River range.


Our Service to You

From beginning to end, we are committed to giving you the highest level of customer service possible. Furthermore this is our home and we want to share our love of the mountains with you.

Areas of Operation

HAMTC operates year round.  If you need snow and ice, and we are in the middle of summer in Wyoming, we will connect you to our partner AAI who has climbing opportunities throughout the world.    

Brian Bewley

Brian is the President/CEO for the TSI, Inc. group of companies and is an avid outdoorsman.  Growing up in the Sierra Mountains of Northern California provided an opportuity for climbing, skiing and similar activies that paved the way for Brian's pursuit of high altitude adventure.  Having served in the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) for 21 years allowed him to work and live around the world and hone his skills in outdoor survival, back country medicine, climbing and alpine operations. Since 2003, Brian has been instructing elements of the US Special Operations Command and friendly foreign nation personnel in Pack Animal Combat Operations (PACO), mountaineering and winter warfare operations.  

S. Jessica Bewley
Executive VP - legal 

Originally from BC, Canada, Jessica grew-up on skiis.  An avid outdoors enthusiast, Jessica has been providing the TSI group of companies with legal and contracting oversight since 2003.  As a plankholder for TSI, Inc.  Jessica has served as the Operations Manager for TSI (Middle East) 2003-2009 as well as the Security Program Manager for TSI (Middle East) for the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior 2010-2011.  Jessica returned to Wyoming in mid 2011 and continues to serve as the TSI group's senior legal advisor and counsel.

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