The Wind River Mountains are in our backyard...listed as the most remote, desolate area in the lower 48 by Outside Magazine, we LOVE our backyard!  We offer simple 1-7 day recreational guided experiences into the Winds, up to summit expeditions of Gannett Peak, Wyoming's highest mountain (and everything in between!).  For areas outside of the Winds, we are teamed with the American Alpine Institute (AAI), who can put you on a mountain almost anywhere on the globe.  Let us help you plan, organize and conduct your next mountain or alpine experience!



Winter or summer, we have your backcountry, mountain training needs covered.  With over 144,000 acres of wilderness and dedicated training areas, consisting of vertical ice, high avalanche, glacier, snow field, rock, snow or whatever your particular need of training venue, our professional staff of qualified instructors and guides will ensure your training requirements are fully met.  Our courses are designed for all levels of experience, beginner through advanced skills; individual student through elilte military organizations.


The HAMTC has a varied clientele list...from "city dwellers" with ZERO outdoor experience to Mountain Warfare experts from our elite forces within the US Special Operations Command



Welcome to HAMTC!

The High Altitude Mountain Training Center (HAMTC) is a fully owned subsidiary of Tactical Solutions International, Inc., a global Private Military Company specializing in tactical training and security services in austere, high risk or war-torn countries.  The HAMTC was formerly a specialty training division within TSI.  At the direction of the TSI corporate leadership, all commercial training and operations outside of the core tactical and protective security realms, would be moved to stand alone, focused, specialty organizations to better support our clients...this was the birth of the High Altitude Mountain Training Center.


TSI's Mountain Warfare Division was established in early 2003 to support the training requirements of US SOCOM and our warfighters who would be operating in high altitude, mountainous, snow & ice covered terrain.  The HAMTC was formally stoodup in early 2011 and has been continuing both the military training mission and the commercial training for local Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement and civilians in mountaineering skills.




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